Spiegelau Salute Champagne Glass (set of 4)

Spiegelau Salute Champagne Glass (set of 4)


Description & Tasting Notes

Why this wine?

Spiegelau’s Salute series features classic, timeless glass design featuring an elegant high stem. Salute glasses continue the fine Spiegelau tradition of enhancing a wine’s aromatics and flavors.

7.4 oz capacity. Non-leaded crystal. Certified dishwasher safe. Made in Germany.

With centuries of experience in glassmaking, Spiegelau sets the standard for crystal glassware and barware. From cocktail glasses to beer glasses, wine decanters, martini glasses, champagne flutes, and cocktail mixing glasses, Spiegelau glassware is characterized by expert craftsmanship, timeless designs, and durability. 

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