Mirabeau 2022 Pure Rose

Mirabeau 2022 Pure Rose


Description & Tasting Notes

Why this wine?

On the palate, small red berries precede vibrant citrus notes. Bright and mouthwatering with a lasting, mineral finish. On the nose, an instant burst of white peach, pear, zesty grapefruit and pomelo. Powerful but refined thiol components, which are carefully balanced. A superbly crafted and seductive rosé for a myriad of occasions.

Food Pairings: This seafood superstar pairs excellently with tuna tataki, grilled scallops, or a burrata and citrus salad with grilled fennel. Also beautiful as an aperitif with a few salty nibbles.

Wine Details
Categories: , Origins: France Varietal: CinsaultGrenacheSyrah/Shiraz Region: Provence Appellation: Cotes de Provence Product ID: 2082

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