Ludes Riesling Mosel 2022

Ludes Riesling Mosel 2022


Description & Tasting Notes

Why this wine?

Sweet on the front, high acidity on the back, fruity but tart at the same time. Slightly effervescent.  In short, an exceptional Mosel Riesling.  

From the winemaker: 

No fashions, no sperenzies. Uncle Hermann’s conservative philosophy has always impressed me. We are similar in this respect: the wines show edge, they are unique and indestructible. They need time. Classic predicates, spontaneous fermentation, long yeast storage and a little sulphur at the end result in wines that should mature for decades. Wines with character – the kind you’d expect to find on the Saar and hard to find on the Moselle. 

Filled with screw caps since the 2000 vintage, the wines retain their reductive character of freshness and saltiness. The rarity cellar is richly filled – and so I can impressively prove the incredible ageing potential of the wines at any time.  

Wine Details
Categories: , Origins: Europe Varietal: Riesling Region: Germany Appellation: Mosel Product ID: 1071

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