Ixsir El Ixsir Red 2015

Ixsir El Ixsir Red 2015


Description & Tasting Notes

Why this wine?

The name IXSIR derives from ‘Iksir’, the original Arabic word for ‘Elixir’. 

This is Ixsir’s flagship wine. A complexity of aromas with red fruits, blackberry liqueur, touches of incense, and notes of mint and cedar sap. The palate is enriched by a suave and intense nose of rich mineral tension that is characteristic of limestone terroirs. A fresh finish and an extended length reveals a mature aging aptitude. 

A quick note on the wines of Lebanon: 

Lebanese wines are a hidden gem of the wine world. Despite a turbulent past, and present, wine production in Lebanon is going strong.  

Like most things in the Middle East, wine making in Lebanon has a long history – there is evidence of wine making in the region going back over two thousand years. More recently, during the 1500s, Christians living in Lebanon were permitted certain freedoms, including the right to make wine for ceremonial purposes. It was on this basis that, in 1857, a group of Jesuit priests founded a winery in Ksara, a small town in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon’s finest wine terroir. 

Because of French colonial rule of Lebanon from the 1920s to the 1940s, Lebanese wine industry is closely modeled on wine production in France. French vines and grapes were imported, especially Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cinsaut, Viognier, and Chardonnay resulting in Bordeaux type blends. Wineries even began using Chateaux in their names.  

If you’re lucky enough to find some, Chateau Musar should make you a believer in Lebanese wines. 

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Categories: , Origins: Middle East Varietal: Cabernet SauvignonMerlotSyrah/Shiraz Region: Lebanon Appellation: Batron Product ID: 1286

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