Buccelletti Olio Magrille Olive Oil

Buccelletti Olio Magrille Olive Oil


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Why this wine?

In the heart of Tuscany, the Buccelletti family has been making olive oil for over 400 years. Their olive oil, made entirely from the Arbequina olive, is produced and bottled at their farm just outside the medieval village of Castiglion Fiorentino, an hour south of Florence. They use organic farming to produce their extra virgin olive oil, Magrille, which is sweet and slightly fruity with a pleasant almond aftertaste. Arbequina’s flavor profile lends itself well to a wide variety of culinary uses including sauces, dipping oil, dressings, finishing oil, or even drizzled over some vanilla bean ice cream topped with a tiny bit of sea salt. Yes, over vanilla ice cream. Go ahead and try it.

This mild, subtly sweet, buttery olive oil is perfect for turning a modest grocery store baguette into a decadent snack, or gifting to a friend as an elegant (and useful) host/ess gift.   Each 500ml bottle is hand-numbered.

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