Arnaud Moreau Champagne Grand Cru Reserve

Arnaud Moreau Champagne Grand Cru Reserve


Description & Tasting Notes

Why this wine?

70% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay  “The bubbles are both remarkably delicate and a little less generous than the Tradition cuvée. The nose is brioche, honeyed, appetizing and particularly attractive. The palate has a frank aromatic panache, vinous as can be. There is a fleshy side of red fruits in the mouth, pulpy. The finish gives off tangy notes that coat the palate and affirm the length of the wine. A pure champagne of meals offering a feeling of fullness and maturity!”

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Categories: , Origins: France Varietal: ChardonnayPinot Noir Region: Champagne Appellation: Champagne Brut Product ID: 269

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