About Us

Every Bottle has a story

Behind every bottle of wine is a complex story that combines viticulture, history, science, art, culture, and people. Knowing the story of a wine doesn’t make it better, but it does make drinking it more enjoyable.

Story in a Bottle Wines imports from family-owned wineries whose roots go back decades. Today, many of these wineries are run by the newest generation, the daughters, sons, and even grandchildren, who are bringing modern methods to traditional ways of winemaking. The results are amazing, but because of their small production runs their wines rarely are offered outside their own countries.

We take the time to find these wineries and get to know the families behind them. Because we import from them directly, we can offer them to you at an exceptional value.


Learn more about our wines and order in advance.

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We will begin offering home delivery to Seattle and the Eastside, as well as shipping orders to select states, in the coming months.

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About the Owners

For several decades, Todd Glass worked in a number of fields outside the wine business, which gave him the resources, if not the time, to study wine on the side. He started the wine import and distribution company Tour du Monde Wines in 2022 and then Story in a Bottle Wines in 2024.   

Throughout her career, Stephanie Cohen Glass has worked in both corporate and financial communications and as a political campaign spokesperson. Currently she is a Senior Director at Microsoft responsible for Communications Strategy.  
Todd and Stephanie met in Washington, D.C. In January 2000 they were married and moved to New York and in 2008 they settled in Seattle with their two sons. Todd and Stephanie share a passion for storytelling and are excited to bring you the wines, and stories, from family-owned wineries, sharing the history and winemaking of these producers that are run by the newest generation including the daughters, sons, and even grandchildren, who are bringing modern methods to traditional ways of winemaking. Cin Cin!